Company Overview

HighFlex Solar has adopted advanced packaging techniques using specially designed laminates to create a new method of producing high efficiency silicon based photovoltaic modules. This new photovoltaic module has the potential to disrupt current PV industry offering lower cost per watt, lighter, and flexible module with higher efficiency than conventional rigid and heavy ‘solar panels’.

HighFlex Solar is bridging the gap between thin film and traditional crystalline solar modules. The company mission is to became the leader in integrated photovoltaic solutions by providing economically viable and innovative energy solutions.

HighFlex Solar is the world's first durable, flexible and lightweight based on silicon photovoltaic module that greatly improves many applications for PV modules. These unique product characteristics make HighFlex Solar suitable to be used as substitution for PV, building/automotive integrated photovoltaic (BIPV), integration of photovoltaic materials with architectural designs, consumer and military portable battery chargers, solar power for vehicles, and coverings like awnings, shades or canopies, and other specialties applications.